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When It Comes to How We Learn the Landscape is Changing. Is Micro-Learning the Next Big Thing?

Micro-Learning is a completely mobile based approach to learning and development. Based on brain science and delivering learning in short bursts (no longer than 5 minutes at a time) it provides a user centric, visually engaging user experience, with gamification and competition built in. If ever there was a millennial approach to providing training this is it!

But not only does micro-learning appeal to the tech savvy, mobile generation who are used to consuming information online and just-it-time, it also appeals to employers facing the costs and challenges of traditional face-to-face training. Micro-Learning offers a cost and time effective solution allowing employers to:

  • Significantly cut facilitation and attendance costs associated with traditional classroom training.

  • Train multiple employees across multiple locations.

  • Provide learning that sticks with proven learning traction and application.

  • Offer learners a self-paced learning path based on individual skill and knowledge needs.

  • Access real time dashboard data to test compliance and learning effectiveness.

Micro-learning just might be the next best thing to enable employers tot transfer skills, reduce costs, boost productivity and increase employee engagement. What's not to love?

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