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Finding Inner Peace & Boosting Immunity

It’s in challenging times such as these that we can get caught up in a cycle of fear and anxiety over what our future might look like. Everything from worrying about our health, the health of loved ones, our jobs, the state of the economy…the list goes on.

Yes, life is uncertain! But the reality is that life is always uncertain. Our belief that we can control what goes on around us on a daily basis is nothing more than an illusion. In reality, there are so many possibilities of what could happen at any given moment, that our future is no more difficult to predict today than it was a week ago, or a month ago.

The thing is, when we start to acknowledge our lack of control, our minds go into overdrive and our imagination takes over. Our mind literally starts to fill in the gaps of what lies ahead. And it typically goes to the worst case scenario.

But our thoughts are not REAL. Read that again! They are simply the pictures we have in our heads. So feeling anxious or out of control is being scared of a thought, not a reality. Until we can see it, feel it, hear it, taste it or touch out, our imagination will never be real.

So, if we can remain calm in the face of adversity, and don’t allow our imaginations to steal the show, we can find a solution to any problem. To assist you to do this, we have made available a complimentary hypnotic recording that focuses on releasing control, finding inner peace, and boosting immunity.

Please click on the link below if you are interested in listening.

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