You are able to fit in Mystery shopping around your lifestyle and be your own boss!

We work with Australian and International leading brands. These organisations want to know what it feels like to be a customer in their business. Mystery shopping feedback assists our clients to measure their customer service performance and implement strategies to improve the customer experience.

Mystery Shopping is not just about the shopping. It’s about the journey you take from your first interaction with a business or brand, through to the final purchasing stage. Tasks may include purchasing a product, asking questions, registering complaints, behaving in a particular way, and providing detailed feedback about your experiences.

Mystery Shopping is a fun and flexible hobby job that gives you the opportunity to share your customer service experiences while you are out shopping. 


things to know

Q: Will I be an employee?

A: As a mystery shopper you will work for Personally Recommended as an independent contractor. This means that you are not an employee and will not be paid holiday pay, sick leave, superannuation, workers compensation or other employee entitlements.


Q: How will I know what shopping assignments are in my area? 

A: All mystery shopping assignments are posted to the Job Board. You will have access to the Job Board 24/7 and can search for a job in and around your area. You are then able to 'Apply' for any assignments that are of interest to you. All applications are reviewed by our scheduling team and assigned to suitable shoppers. You will receive an email confirmation that when your application has been accepted.

Q: Can I do mystery shopping assignments outside my area?

A: If you are happy to travel, you can apply for any assignment. This gives you ultimate flexibility even if you are on holiday. As long as you have internet access, can complete and upload the assignment on time, you can apply for any shop.

Q: How many mystery shopping assignments will I receive?

A: This will vary from month to month dependent on client needs, your location, and the number of assignments that are of interest to you. The self-select system allows you to control your workload.

Q. How long does a mystery shopping assignment take to complete?

A. Assignments vary by the client so you may spend as little as ten minutes in a store, or as long as thirty minutes. You will also need to factor in time to read the guidelines prior to completing the assignment, and time taken to submit your report. Typically a report upload will take you twenty to thirty minutes, 

Q: What will I be paid?

A: Payment for each assignment varies depending on the requirements of the client. You will be advised the rate of pay for each assignment before you agree to complete it. The shop fee for the assignment is the full payment that you will receive. If you are required to make a purchase then the cost of the purchase will also be reimbursed. You are expected to cover all costs associated with completing the mystery shopping assignment, including travel expenses, stationery etc. 


Q. When will I be paid?

A. We are very mindful that you need to be paid efficiently for your work. We do a payroll run fortnightly. You will be paid when your survey has been reviewed and finalised by our Quality Assurance team which is generally within one to two weeks. 


Q: What skills do I need?

A: Above all we want Mystery Shoppers who love to shop! Beyond that - flexibility, reliability, attention to detail, great communication skills, strong spelling and grammar, effective time management, and the ability to meet deadlines are a must.

Q: What tools do I need?

A: A current drivers licence, a computer with internet access, a printer/scanner, and a smart phone.

Q. I want to become a mystery shopper. What should I do next?

A. Click on the link below to sign up now!