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The Future of L&D = M. Why 'Micro/Mobile' Learning is the Way Forward.

The L&D function of any organisation has long been plagued by the by its ability to deliver effective learning to the right people, at the right time, at the right cost, to improve organizational performance and positively impact ROI. For most L&D projects that’s no mean feat.

The reality is that in the current economic climate and fluid job market, many businesses face the ongoing challenge of:

  • High staff turnover.

  • Loss of corporate intelligence,

  • And a need to regularly train new employees.

Add to this:

  • Multiple sites and locations.

  • Time to take employees off the floor for training.

  • Cost of facilitation.

  • Inability to track and measure performance.

  • Poor knowledge retention,

And it’s no wonder that businesses are shying away from an investment in L&D.

So what’s the solution? I’m glad you asked! Quite simply it’s the flipside of the challenges outlined above. It’s the ability to provide:

  • Cost effective, just-in-time training.

  • To multiple employees.

  • In multiple locations,

  • In short, bite-sized bursts.

What’s more, to ensure maximum employee participation by providing learning and that is engaging and user oriented, and using neuro science principles to ensure the learning sticks.

Want more? All this on a mobile device, with real-time, measureable metrics at your fingertips. The ability for businesses to evaluate who has done what, how well, and see it all on a live dashboard. No facilitators, no travel expenses, no paper trail, no carbon footprint. That’s M Learning, and it’s here now!

Mobile, micro learning is exactly what the name suggests. A 100% mobile learning platform, that offers short bursts of learning (3 – 7 minutes) and keeps users engaged in the learning process over time. A flexible platform that enables employees to learn what they want, when they want, and at a pace they want, while still allowing employers to track compliance and meet overall L&D targets for the business.

Ok so you have an LMS or an existing employee portal, intranet for training. No problem. M Learning has the ability to integrate with any existing LMS or employee software platform to streamline data and reporting. It’s not another LMS, and doesn’t require an investment in yet another software solution. It’s as simple to use as an app, and is completely seamless to integrate. What’s not to love?

So, if you’re over the headache of traditional learning and looking for a proven solution that genuinely boosts knowledge retention and performance outcomes, look no further than M-learning. Get in touch today to discuss how we can help pave the way forward.

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