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How to avoid FOMO and run your business successfully from a place of genuine alignment

We're taking a little deviation from a purely biz focused blog this week, sharing some insights to get you out of your head space and into your heart space to create the business of your dreams. Did we lose you at heart space? Believe it or not there’s no crystals, oils or meditation required, just a curiosity to get back in touch with what makes you tick and where you feel true alignment in your business. It's not woo-woo, and it’s not simply the law of attraction. It’s less ‘efforting’ and more ‘intuiting’ to get you back on track and in the zone.

To put this into perspective, have you ever had the experience of diving head first into social media only to torture yourself with everybody else’s success? Do you sit back and critique your own business with a hard-core case of FOMO and wonder why you’re not achieving the same level of success? Do you continually sign up for short courses based on the advice of ‘experts’ touting the secrets of their success? Does that little voice in your head have you operating from fear instead of freedom?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, it might simply be an issue of alignment, or in terms of your business, misalignment. Misalignment occurs when we continue to operate from the stories in our head (not good enough, not rich enough, not smart enough, what will other people think, what is the societal view, what did a previous experience teach me….you get the gist), and fail to have a connected conversation with our hearts/stomachs/soul voice (whatever you want to call it).

When we work from a place of misalignment, there is no ‘flow’ to what we do. We continue to expend effort trying to attract all the things we think we want (money, success, recognition) only to find that in all our ‘efforting’ we don’t operate at the right level to attract what we want. In reality, we prevent our desires from being realised by staying stuck in the story that we don’t really deserve them.

Take the case of the successful entrepreneur that now sells the secrets to their success – anything from growing social media followers, to generating email lists, to selling online programs. Regardless of the topic, the reason this person has been successful is because they developed a process that was in true alignment for them. It’s their method, their energy, their ‘flow’ that manifested the success. It’s not just a series of steps that can be replicated by anybody. Do the steps have validity? Yes, absolutely! But, they come with a warning label. If you ‘effort’ your way through them like trying to swim through mud, then you’re not operating at an energy that brings the same level of success.

So what does this mean in a practical sense? It means that when you operate from your heart space/gut/whatever name you give it, and not continually look elsewhere for validation, you engage in activities that align with true purpose. And be aware that not ‘efforting’ is not the same as ‘not doing’. It simply means that the activity is guided by what feels right, what allows you a sense of moving easily ‘downstream’ as opposed to fighting ‘upstream’. When you are in true flow, the success you desire comes from an enjoyment of the process, and not an attachment to the outcome.

Bottom line, let go of FOMO and embrace FLOW. You just might be surprised at the number of fortunate coincidences that become part of your new reality. And remember, there’s a whole lot of noise on social media. Sometimes it's nicer to sit in the silence.

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