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"Every Great Business Relationship is Built on Friendship." JC Penney

If only we treated our customers as well as we do our friends, we might not need to focus so much on NPS. Customer Advocacy could very well be a thing of the past if we we were 100% committed to genuinely and authentically building the customer relationship. After all, people buy from us when they like us, so why aren't we as invested in building the relationship, as we are in advertising to get them through the door in the first place. When it comes to creating loyal fans - the ones who continue to buy from you, who tell their family and friends about you, and who spend more with you than they do your competitors - the key is creating a connection. A connection that tells your customer you really know them, you understand and anticipate their needs, you value them, you actually like them. Forget price, discounts, features and benefits. A customer can get these anywhere. Instead focus on how it 'feels' to do business with you. Connect to their hearts instead of their heads and appeal to emotion over logic. AND....make it genuine!

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