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conduct required of a

mystery shopper

As a Mystery Shopper you are to perform all your assignments with honesty and integrity. Once you join our team, please ensure you read your “Welcome to Personally Recommended Mystery Shopping” booklet to make sure you understand your commitment and PR expectations of you.

All the mystery shopping reviews must be conducted and submitted on or before the set deadlines. The times and days for when the mystery shop is to be conducted and the report deadline are provided in the online self section job board. Please ensure you can commit to the dates before nominating yourself for mystery shops. 


If for some reason after accepting a mystery shop you are not able to perform your mystery shop for any reason, you must contact PR head office immediately by either e-mail to or call 0451 512 556 during business hours so the mystery shop can be reallocated to another shopper. 


Any contact made with you by one of our support team such as follow up calls, SMS or e-mails are to be responded to by you within 12 hours of the initial contact.

Before performing a shop, you are expected to have thoroughly read each question in the survey and the guidelines provided to ensure you are able to complete the review to a high standard. As a shopper you must not falsify or misrepresent reviews. If this occurs you will have your payment withheld. 


At no time may you perform any shop under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs or prescription drugs that may impair your abilities. If this occurs you will not be paid.  Please note: unreliable shoppers will be removed from our database. 


How long does each review take?

Each review will vary in the time it takes to complete. Please read the job description on the job board to understand what you must do before nominating to complete a shop. However, on average the mystery shop including the visit to the store and completing the on-line report will take approximately 30 to 45 minutes. 


If you are selected to complete a mystery shop, before you perform the shop you should allow ample time to read the assignment guidelines, instructions and questions thoroughly to familiarise yourself with the scenario and questionnaire. 


The results of your mystery shop must be reported online within 24 hours of completing your assignment. If you miss the submit  date we will, after all reasonable attempts have been made as per PR service agreement (p3 of the “Welcome to Personally Recommended Mystery Shopping” booklet) to contact you, PR will  reassign the job to another Mystery Shopper and you will not be paid. 


How many mystery shopping assignments will I receive? 

This will vary from month to month as availabilities are dependent on client requirements, the location of where you live and whether you want to undertake the shop assignments on offer.  As a result, PR is unable to guarantee any number of assignments, or continual regular work.    


How often you work is completely up to you.  The self select system allows you to control your workload and you have access to the job board 24/7.  You can even complete mystery shopping assignments whilst on holidays (you must have access to the internet), just check the State and/or area you will be holidaying in during that timeframe. 


How do I choose assignments?

There is no need to check the job board each day for new jobs. Towards the end of each month all the mystery shops for the next month start to get placed onto the online job board. Mystery Shoppers receive regular generic e-mails advising that assignments are becoming available.

This e-mail does not guarantee work; you must still go to the online job board self select system where you will be able to search and nominate yourself by applying for as many assignments that are of interest to you in your local area.  You will be notified via email if you have been successful for any job/s you have applied for.

Rate of pay

Payment for each assignment varies and you may also be provided with a purchase allowance depending on the assignment to measure the service received from the cashier. You will be advised of the rate of pay and purchase allowance limit for each assignment via the job board under shopper information before you agree to complete the assignment. You will only be paid for successful completion of your review after your work has been reviewed and finalised.

Am I an Employee or Independent Contractor? 

As a Mystery Shopper, you take on assignments for Personally Recommended (PR) as an independent contractor subject to the terms and conditions in the document you signed. This means that you are not considered an employee of PR for any reason and will not be paid for holidays, sick leave, superannuation, workers compensation or other employee entitlements.  The rate of pay offered for completing an assignment is the full payment that you will receive. You are expected to cover all costs associated with you completing the mystery shopping assignment, including stationery, travel expenses etc. 

Do I have to supply an ABN number? (Australian Shoppers Only)

As an independent contractor, you are required to make your own arrangements in relation to requirements as set down by the Australian Taxation Office.  As you are an independent contractor and not an employee, an annual Statement of Earnings or Group Certificate will not be provided at the end of the financial year. It is your responsibility to keep records of all work you carry out on behalf of PR. This includes all fees and reimbursements made to you. 


You are responsible for all income and taxes due to the Australian government from any payment received from PR. We recommend that you consult your tax professional or financial adviser for information regarding your individual tax requirements as we are unable to advise you of your taxation reporting requirements. 



Your payment and any reimbursement* from the shop expense limit (as specified in the shop information) for successfully completion of assignments will be paid directly into your nominated bank account via Electronic Funds Transfer the week following the report finalisation. Please refer to your Mystery Shopper Terms and Conditions for more information. 


For NZ shoppers you are required to have a paypal account and your payment and any reimbursement* (as specified in the shop information) for successfully completed assignments will be paid directly into your paypal account via Electronic Funds Transfer the week following the report finalisation. Please refer to your Mystery Shopper Terms and Conditions for more information. 


What happens if the payment is not in my bank account?

This means you may not have supplied us with correct bank details or you may have changed your current bank details. If you have any questions about a missing payment ensure you include your name, the shop you performed and best contact number. E-mail and we will investigate the missing payment and be in contact.

My user ID and / or password does not work? 

All user name and passwords are case sensitive. If you experience problems, please e-mail 

Working for other Mystery Shopping Companies

If you work as a contractor for another Mystery Shopping company or one offering similar services, you must not disclose any information about PR or our clients to the opposing company.

If you have any other questions, you can e-mail

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