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“From a customer’s perspective a great experience is when they get exactly the same feeling of the brand and culture, across any device. Anywhere. All the time.”


Our full range of services include:

  • Mystery Shopping

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Net Promoter Score

  • Store Audits

  • Social Media Tracking

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Learning and Development Strategies


Do you have a ‘gut feeling’ that your business is not achieving optimum performance?

As a business, it is essential that you be totally connected with everyone who touches your brand and ensure that you create memorable physical and online experiences for your customers. To do this you need to think about the entire customer journey, a holistic experience that will drive customers to say something positive about you, again and again.

We live in a digital world where consumers vote with their wallets. Where traditional measurement programs focus largely on the in-store customer experience, the entire customer experience landscape is infinitely bigger. To provide you with a truly accurate performance measure, you must look to every customer touchpoint in your business. The experience must be consistently good at every touchpoint or the one thing you do poorly will be the one thing your customers remember most.

We measure what is right for your business. Our complete range of customer experience tools provides you with a comprehensive framework from which to build excellence and consistency in service performance. But you don’t need all of these services. We pride ourselves on only recommending what will deliver results for your business.

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