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Rolled-up voice of the customer

Access real customer reviews across multiple review and social platforms. Reviews are aggregated into one dashboard (no more information silos) allowing a single and seamless view of the 'voice of the customer'.

  • Monitor insights from a variety of channels - Private Customer Care Complaints (Customer Care Tickets), Public Online Reviews, Competitor Comparisons.

  • One overall Voice of the Customer Score to reflect the scoring of each individual channel.

  • One Rolled-up Company View - all insights, one dashboard.

  • Filter by metadata - time of service, location, customer type etc.

  • Drill down to specific topics to dig deeper into customer experience issues.

  • Channel specific reporting - reports for just online reviews or customer care tickets.

Social Reputation
Strengthen customer relationships and brand advocacy by monitoring feedback and resolving customer grievances.

Monitor insights from a variety of review sites.

  • Create customised responses to create goodwill and/or resolve customer issues or complaints.

  • Share positive reviews, customer photos to your socials - Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

Digital brand management

View brand or product mentions across the web allowing trend analysis and performance against competitors.Manage online presence using key words.

Get notified of mentions.

  • Narrow down searches with specific tags and filters.

  • Measure volume and reach of mentions to see how your brand compares globally, across industries, across different sources of media and in multiple languages.

  • Create relevant and engaging social posts from one tool. Schedule posts with a content calendar.

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