why choose us

As per its name 100% of Personally Recommended’s business has come as a result of long-term relationships, positive word-of-mouth, and delivering results. The growth of the business is testament to the relationships that Catherine has built with clients, and her passion and compassion for their needs - be it business, personal or both.

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We take time to understand our clients needs and genuinely connect with the people we work with.

Catherine Van Veen is the Founder and Managing Director of Personally Recommended. Now twenty-one years young, Personally Recommended has not only come of age, but continues to evolve and adapt as a successful boutique customer experience business. The business has thrived on Catherine’s determination and commitment to genuinely look after client needs, always evaluating market trends and pushing for the value add.

The business is supported by a team of customer experience experts and a passionate group of dedicated shoppers who embrace what it means to be true service providers. We are as committed to our own service experience, as we are to helping clients achieve exceptional service. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and believe that any measure of service starts and ends with us. We walk the walk and talk the talk, and that’s how we get “Personally Recommended”.